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Who can use Diastole?

All departments of UMKC and UMKC's health partner organizations (CMH, University Health, and St. Luke's) may use Diastole. Non-University groups are welcome on a limited basis for scholarly, educational, civic and community enhancing events.

*We're sorry—due to the many fragile and historical items on display at Diastole, babies and children under the age of 15 are not permitted. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

What kind of events can be held at Diastole?

Educational, Scholarly, Academic, Business, Civic and Community events. We do not host entrepreneurial, for-profit, or personal social events such as weddings, birthday parties, etc. Our guiding principle for determining appropriate usage must be consistent with the Donors’ Intent.

Is Diastole available year-round?

Diastole is closed during the month of July, major holidays, and Sundays and Mondays year round.

Does Diastole have WIFI?

Yes. Diastole staff can provide you with a temporary username and password.

What are the hours during which an event may be scheduled?

Events may be scheduled between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.

*Please note that the Diastole offices are open 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, and due to the building's open structure, we cannot guarantee silence during your event. Conservatory recitals are best scheduled in the 7:30pm time slot or on Saturdays. While we try our very best to accommodate every group's needs, our offices will operate as normal during business hours. We appreciate your understanding.


What are the fees?

The usage fees are based on a 3-tiered fee schedule:

  • UMKC- all departments; UMKC's health partner organizations (CMH, University Health, and St. Luke's)……....…Gratis

  • Non-profit, Government, or Educational Groups……………………......................................................$250 per event day

  • For-profit, Other Civic & Community Groups……………............................................................………$500 per event day

How do I schedule an event?

  1. Call 816-235-8857, or email your date request to

  2. Complete and return the Event Confirmation and Waiver Form (PDF). Keep a copy for your records.

  3. Make an appointment to tour Diastole to facilitate the planning of your event, if needed.

  4. Download Event Planning Help for a “how to” guide on planning and conducting an event.


What are my responsibilities?

User responsibilities are detailed on the Event Confirmation Waiver (PDF), which must be submitted in order to secure your date. A copy of this form must be on file at Diastole for all events. Keep a copy for your records. Users must have an event coordinator that remains on-site from start to finish of event. “Leave it like you found it” clean-up policy.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule an event?

Please make any changes as soon as possible. If you need to cancel, you must notify Diastole at least 30 days prior to your event in order to receive a full refund. Non-paying groups may be subject to a cancellation fee if fewer than 30 days’ notice is given. For every event scheduled, several requests are turned down.

How do I arrange for food or beverages?

Diastole does not provide on-site catering. You may use a caterer, have food delivered, bring in your own food, or prepare food in our kitchen. For a list of frequent caterers at Diastole and local restaurants see Catering Services.


What kitchen amenities are available for our use?

Diastole has a fully equipped kitchen. Click on Kitchen Amenities for a complete list.

Does Diastole recycle?

Yes, Diastole recycles, and we encourage all of our users to participate!  In the kitchen and Sunroom are recycling containers.  All recyclables such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum are collected in one container while glass is collected separately.

What is your alcohol policy?

Alcohol is served at the discretion and the responsibility of the User. No red wine or punch, please. Guidelines are listed below.

For all UMKC users | For all other users

What is your smoking policy?

Diastole is a no-smoking facility and follows the UMKC Smoke-Free policy.

What Audio/Visual Equipment is available for use?

For a complete list of available equipment, see Audio Visual/ WiFi. These items are available upon request. We do not provide support or help for running the equipment but it can be arranged, for a fee, through the School of Medicine Office of Educational Resources 816-235-1830.

Kiva Technology User’s Manual

What kind of Handicap access is available?

Diastole was built prior to current requirements. However, we do have an elevator, a handicap accessible bathroom, and most areas are wheelchair friendly. If in doubt, arrange a tour prior to your event.


Is Diastole open to tour/view the art and space?

Unfortunately, Diastole is not open to the public for general touring at this time. We recommend savoring the opportunity while you are here.

For more information about scheduling an event, see Event Confirmation Waiver or Event Planning Help or Contact Us.

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