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Available for your use:

  • 24” wide stainless steel oven

  • 4 burner electric cooktop

  • dishwasher

  • large stainless steel refrigerator/freezer

  • microwave

  • electric tea kettle

  • toaster

  • very limited pots, pans, serving dishes/platters

  • wood buffet island

  • white service ware (dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, bowls, coffee cups, and saucers) for 50

  • flatware for 50

  • water glasses for 50

  • limited wine/cocktail glasses (must be hand washed and dried)

  • outdoor serving cart and lap trays for 100

  • rolling ice chest

  • ice maker

  • coffee makers:

    • 100-cup percolator coffee maker (can be run at a minimum of 40-cups)

    • Two 12-cup drip coffee makers (filters provided)

    • Complimentary regular and decaf ground coffee – please bring your own creamers,
      sugar, etc.

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