From the Diastole Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Diastole announces the departure of our Executive Director, Nancy K. Hill.


The Board is grateful for Ms. Hill’s faithful service as a gracious and convivial representative of The Scholars’ Center and the homelike environment and gracious welcome she provided for all of Diastole’s guests. Ms. Hill departs following 17 years of service to Diastole and will relocate to Austin, Texas. The Board is assured she will be a welcome addition to her new community.

Diane Magers has assumed responsibility for the operation of Diastole following Ms. Hill’s departure. The Board is confident Diastole will continue to be a true Kansas City jewel.

Please join with us as we extend best wishes to Nancy Hill for her past service and in her future endeavors.

Photos by Brandon Parigo




The formal name of our facility is The Mary Clark and E. Grey Dimond Scholars’ Center. Dr. and Mrs. Dimond began building Diastole in 1976 and lived here until Mrs. Dimond’s death in 1983. The Dimonds’ intent was to provide a serene yet stimulating off-site event facility that would enhance the endeavors of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).


Today, a much expanded Diastole is available (call to reserve) for a wide variety of UMKC functions including retreats, recitals, lectures, continuing education, committee and staff meetings, journal clubs, reunions, study groups, luncheons, dinners and University social gatherings. Non-University groups are welcome on a limited basis for scholarly, educational, civic and community enhancing events. We’re sorry, but Diastole is not available for weddings, birthday parties, or any other personal social events.


Diastole, pronounced (dy-AS-tuh-lee), is a medical term for the interim between heartbeats, when the heart muscle relaxes. Systole is when the heart beats and delivers life’s blood downstream. The heart rests following each systole, and fills with the blood of the next pulse.

This period, the heart at rest, is Diastole.




2501 Holmes St.

Kansas City, MO 64108


8am–5pm, Monday through Friday


8am–10pm, Tuesday through Saturday

Diastole Scholar's Center is covered by the new UMKC policy on a smoke- and tobacco-free campus.
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