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July is For...

Well, here we are-- it's almost the end of July! Diastole has been closed for events this entire month and though a lot has been accomplished... we're getting kinda lonely!

When you come back for your next event, make sure to stand outside for an appropriate amount of time and take a look at the new exterior paint job on the main building! Don't worry, it's still brown. The second floor ladies' bathroom also enjoyed a little refresher with the installation of BRAND. NEW. MIRRORS. It's a truly exceptional place to practice your Pulitzer acceptance speech.

Have you ever taken a picture of a mirror? It's pretty weird!

This stuff might not sound like a big deal, but in order for Diastole to fulfill its purpose (which is to make you feel all peaceful and contemplative), we've gotta replace some wood rot every now and then. It's just best that it doesn't happen while you're hosting a meditative retreat or flute recital (does this piece call for tuned circular saws??)!

Anyway, we're really excited for you to come back to Diastole. We've missed you!

See you in August!


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Along with the UMKC Campus, Diastole will be closed tomorrow, 11/26, for inclement weather. Stay warm and safe out there!

1 comentário

Diane Magers
26 de jul. de 2018

I was busy mining for "audit gold" in the files as well. July was productive to say the least.

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