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Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is a big day... the beginning of FALL!

We're lucky to work in a building with sweet, sweet air conditioning, but man it's been hot! I'm personally quite ready to send summer away.

September is almost over, but October is gonna be a special month for us!

Here's what's happening:

Our partner organization, the Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation, is kicking off their symposium in about two weeks! Diastole is hosting Dr. Felix Sabates, Sr. and Patricia Burton for a talk about the history of Hospital Hill (October 24th)! Our fall newsletter should be going out soon(ish). And October 23rd is my one-year anniversary of working at Diastole (I'll be accepting congratulations in person, thanks!). It's been a wild ride. Guess I can retire now!

Just kidding, you'll be stuck with me and my regularly scheduled programming for the foreseeable future, and I'm super happy about it!

Have a great weekend, everybody! Come see us soon!


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