We desire for this gift to serve as a catalyst for the University of Missouri-Kansas City and for Diastole to serve as a special gathering place for community, regional, national, and international scholars, providing a stimulating setting for those special activities that characterize a great university but are often peripheral to its resources.


We envision Diastole as a location for seminars, retreats, receptions, class reunions, alumni activities, club meetings, journal clubs, specialty society meetings, post-graduate courses, University-community meetings, faculty-student gatherings, discussion groups, luncheon and dinner meetings, receptions, award ceremonies, and visiting speakers. The small number of guest rooms should be accessible to academic guests of all University disciplines. If the facility also serves as a special faculty meeting place and brings faculty into an atmosphere of shared endeavor, we would be pleased.


It is our intent that Diastole and its endowment be independent and free-standing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City but direct its resources to furthering the University’s progress.


We have a faith in human dialogue, social intercourse, the amenities of scholarly communication, and the encouragement of these by a felicitous setting. We conceived Diastole to further that faith.


Mary Clark and E. Grey Dimond




2501 Holmes St.

Kansas City, MO 64108


8am–5pm, Monday through Friday


8am–10pm, Tuesday through Saturday

Diastole Scholar's Center is covered by the new UMKC policy on a smoke- and tobacco-free campus.
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