Genealogy Archives

Located in the Captain’s Room this collection consists of files of personal correspondence between E. Grey Dimond and distant relatives.  It is a collection of census, county records, letters, lineage, and all research pertaining to the family names of Dimond and Whitehead, and the relative counties of Mississippi.

These files are located in a two-drawer wood file cabinet just to the right as you enter the the Diastole’s Captain’s Room.

Also included in this collection are numerous books gathered in the years of E. Grey Dimond’s genealogy research.  These books line the bottom two shelves of the bookcase in the NE corner of the Diastole’s Captain’s Room.


Kansas City History

A collection of books on the history of Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas is located in the Diastole’s Captain’s Room on the top two shelves of the book case in the NE corner. Included are pictorial history books, maps, and books on points of interest in Kansas City.

E. Grey Dimond, M.D. Personal and Professional Library

Located in Diastole’s Mary Clark Dimond Photo Gallery, this collection contains photo albums, scrapbooks, travel diaries, and commonplace books of Dr. and Mrs. Dimond’s life and travels.  The Library houses the books and articles published by E. Grey Dimond, articles leading to the founding of UMKC School of Medicine, and a variety of professional memorabilia.


China Book Collection

Located in the curved bookcases in Diastole’s Piano Room, this collection encompasses all of Diastole’s books relating to China.


The Rubaiyat Collection

This collection is housed in the Omar Khayyam Room.  Named for the 11th – century Persian poet, astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam, the room houses over 3,000 versions of Khayyam’s most famous work, The Rubaiyat.  The collection features numerous translations, illustrations, and memorabilia.  The collection has been donated to the UMKC Miller Nichols Library and is fully catalogued by the Library, but is permanently housed at Diastole. 

Read the story of how Dr. Dimond began his collection of the Rubaiyat.


The Diastole Library

The Diastole Library is located on the 3rd floor in Diastole, but through the years has expanded over the entire house. It is classified on the basis of a simplified Library of Congress Classification, and is a 4,000 + volume library.


Reference Collection

The Encyclopedia Britannica, National Geographic, and the Unabridged Oxford Dictionary are in the Administrator’s office on Diastole’s second floor.  Of special note are the National Geographic magazines beginning in 1913 to current date.  From 1950 to current date the collection is 100% complete.  From 1913 to 1949 the collection is over 70% complete.


University Archives:

The E. Grey Dimond, M.D. Papers

The E. Grey Dimond, M.D. Papers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City were established at University Archives in 1981 as a gift from Dr. E. Grey Dimond.  Over the years, several additions have been made to the collection.  The Papers amount to nearly 100 cubic feet of material. Access to the Papers may be obtained through:

University Archives
302 Newcomb Hall
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499


The Mary Clark Dimond Papers

E. Grey Dimond, M.D. donated the papers of Mary Clark Dimond to the University Archives and the Edgar Snow Collection in 1983 at the time of her death.  The collection includes personal and professional papers, books and periodicals and associated materials related to Edgar Snow and modern China.


Other Special Collections at Diastole

  • Woodcarvings by E. Grey Dimond, located throughout Diastole and especially in the link off the kitchen to the guest apartments

  • Photos by Mary Clark Dimond, located throughout Diastole and especially the Mary Clark Dimond Photo Gallery

  • The Dean’s Wall Portraits of the Past Deans of UMKC School of Medicine, located in the Captain’s Room

  • Gourd collection, located in the kitchen display case

  • The Ralph O. Linville German Stein collection, located on the wall of the Sunroom

  • History of Diastole display and memorabilia, located in a display case in the link to the Kiva

  • Bev Doolittle prints located above the credenza at Diastole’s west (Holmes Street) entrance

  • Eric Storey artwork located throughout Diastole that includes a large collage

  • Cardiology books and biographies located in third floor library

  • Frank Lloyd Wright books and materials, located in third floor library

  • 12 Charles Harper prints and books about Harper, located in third floor library

  • Silver Collection located in the Administrator’s office





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