The Kiva

Named after the traditional meeting spaces of the Pueblo Indians, the Kiva is a dynamic, informal theater-in-the-round. The room seats up to 70 for debates, lectures, seminars, readings, or group discussions, yet is intimate for smaller groups as well. Exceptional acoustics eliminate the need for sound amplification, and a lack of physical barriers encourages audience and presenter interaction.

Enhancing the ambience is a gel-fueled circular fireplace which may be used seasonally, and a rear door that opens onto Diastole’s luxuriant, park-like grounds.

The Kiva is an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) classroom setting.  The audio/visual system includes a computer with wall-mounted screen, overhead projector, and a recessed ceiling screen.  A DVD and VCR player are also part of the system.  Users can bring their own flash drives or laptops to use with the system.

Sorry, food and drink are not permitted in the Kiva.