Omar Khayyam Dining Room

khayyam3Named for the 11th-century Persian poet, astronomer and mathematician Omar Khayyam, this unique room houses over 5,000 versions of Khayyam’s most famous work, The Rubaiyat.  The collection has been donated to the UMKC Miller Nichols Library, but is permanently housed here at Diastole.  Read the story of how Dr. Dimond began his collection of the Rubaiyat.

Please call the business office to arrange dedicated time to peruse this substantial collection.

For dining or meetings requiring table space, four round tables provide seating for 32. The tables are ready to use with fitted vinyl covers. Linens are not provided, but guests are welcome to bring in their own.

Floor to ceiling windows look west to Dr. Dimond’s ivy-encased copper fountain, The Water Steppes.